As research for my podcast and also for my own personal growth, I listen to quite a few other podcasts. Being a progressive, I tend to favor podcasts with a progressive bent. One word or topic has been coming up over and over again and that is “deconstruction”. I’m gonna talk a bit about this in episode 1 of the podcast (due out Jan 12). I find it fascinating that I have known this word for a long time. I was an English major in college and we talked about deconstructionist criticism all the time. Finding it used in a spiritual, religious, even Christian context is fascinating.

I will be creating a page of links to podcasts, movies, books, etc that have challenged me as I have progressed along my journey of spiritual discovery. I hope some of them might be of interest to you, dear reader. Check back on the website and subscribe to the podcast feed so you will be ready when episode 1 drops.

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